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Rev Wendy for Congress!

By Dr. Sharon H. Porter

February 2, 2021

"I want voters to understand that I am prepared to further the conversation about Statehood and Beyond. I want to be a voice for DC‘s present and also our bright future and I am asking voters to check my receipts and they’ll see my heart."

Interview with
Rev Wendy


Students from Veritas Newspaper  discussed Rev. Wendy's policies and why she is running to represent D.C. in Congress/30/2021

Rev Wendy doing a media interview in a mask for the presidential inauguration
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There’s all kinds of glass on the floor today. That ceiling has been crushed forever,” said Hamilton. “It’s history. It’s Black history. It’s Howard history.

Humanity First Movement

January 17, 2021

View zoom recoding of Ask Me Anything with 

Rev. Wendy Hamilton