What is Cryptocurrency?


A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be exchanged online for goods and services. Cryptocurrency (a.k.a. ‘Crypto’) works by using an emerging technology called ‘Blockchain,’ which is a system to manage and record transactions. Blockchain ensures the integrity of the financial data and ownership of the cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency and the Campaign?


Rev. Wendy is excited to announce that supporters now have the option of donating to her campaign with cryptocurrencies! Cryptocurrency donations are a new frontier for political campaigns like ours. Rev. Wendy is committed to championing this community’s concerns, and she is eager to give stakeholders a voice to express themselves in the political process.


Rev. Wendy feels right at home with the crypto community: She is a blockchain-aware candidate running on innovative economic policies like Universal Basic Income. The crypto community’s support is humbling to Rev. Wendy. She’s interested in diving in and learning more about how these emerging technologies can forge a more human-centered economy.


With the support of the crypto community, we have developed a new process to accept crypto donations. It’s FEC-complaint, supports different coins, and offers a user-friendly experience. We wanted to build something intuitive and welcoming for newcomers while providing a capable service designed for enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency community.


Integrity, transparency, and user-friendliness are our concerns. Our goal is to ensure our campaign’s integrity while advancing the use of cryptocurrencies in future campaigns. With your help, we can make a powerful statement on crypto that’s compliant with FEC rules, allowing Rev. Wendy to take her awareness and concern for this community to Congress!