Wendy Hamilton

Rev. Wendy's Story

Mother, Ordained Minister, and Candidate

for Washington D.C. Delegate 2022

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Meet Rev. Wendy

My name is Rev. Wendy Hamilton, and I’m running to represent DC in Congress because it's time for a new chapter. Our people deserve a Delegate with a fresh perspective who's here to advocate for our people and the diversity of our problems – including, and beyond Statehood. I want to be the champion that our city deserves, someone who can advocate for all of our people in Congress.


I’m an ordained minister, a single mother, and a social justice advocate who's passionate about giving residents like you the results you deserve and a seat at the table. When I’m DC Delegate, we’ll take Congress head-on to champion fresh ideas and deliver DC Statehood, Universal Basic Income – and 49 other tangible policies. We’ll fight for economic justice, improving healthcare, education, reforming our justice system, and ensuring DC has a seat at the table with Statehood. 


The District has been my home for more than 30 years. I arrived in DC as a bright-eyed Ohio girl to attend Howard University, and like so many of our DC residents, I consider DC my adult home – because our community raised me into the person I am today. I know firsthand how hard it is to make ends meet and raise a family here when you’re a homeless single mother on food stamps. I also know what it’s like to see that family grow and thrive here, because my daughter welcomed my first grandson to DC just last year, and I couldn’t be happier for my daughter and her partner.

My grandson is healthy and blessed to grow in an amazing home, but he's still inheriting a city where representation in Congress is still on the way, and I believe we are failing him. Millions of Americans are willing to admit that our kids are not alright and our system is failing them. I’m running for Congress because we cannot keep proposing the same solutions that have not worked and expect different results. We need a New Way Forward. I want to look into my grandson’s eyes and tell him we did the best that we could to set him up for the future he deserves. I want nothing but the best opportunities for my grandson, his generation, and all the people of our city. I’m Rev. Wendy Hamilton, and I’m running for Congress because our people deserve a better DC.


I’ve served more than 30+ years in DC Public Schools, on Capitol Hill, the Executive office of organizations like the NAACP, and as a community leader mentoring people across the city - from Georgetown freshmen as an on-campus chaplain to the LGBT community as a faith leader. 


I served as the Director of Spiritual and Cultural Outreach with Andrew Yang’s 2020 Presidential campaign – and I’m honored to accept Andrew’s endorsement, along with Marianne Williamson, organizations like the Forward Party, and receive public support from dozens of DC leaders. I am not a career politician or bureaucrat, but I have experience building the relationships needed to get things done at all levels of government, and most importantly – unlike my opponents, I am a people-powered community leader and advocate with deep connections across all 8 wards of DC. 

Less than 14% of DC residents have ever met our current Delegate–who’s been in office for 32 years, according to a recent poll of 5,000 participants. There is more our Delegate can do today to make positive improvements in residents lives, and I have a plan to accomplish more in my first 51 days than we’ve gotten in the past 34 years! As much as I respect our Delegate and her service, I’ve met 10,000s of DC residents who are willing to admit they’re ready for a fresh voice. And I’m running because it’s time for a new chapter that will move us forward, DC Statehood and Beyond.


But it’s not just about meeting people and shaking hands, I want to listen and learn from the residents of our city, and go beyond the 18% of DC’s voters to bring more voices into the fold.


Throughout this campaign, I’ve talked with residents across all 8 wards who tell me, “I’ve spoken with many politicians, no one has ever listened to me the way you did, and that’s why you have my vote.” I’m a professional listener, advocate, and problem solver. DC lacks representation, but most of our people just want to be heard. At the minimum, there’s so much more our Delegate can do to hear and respond to people, and most of our people don’t realize that they deserve so much better than they’re getting. And that is why I’m running to be your Delegate to Congress.


I’m campaigning across DC because our people are hungry for a new champion who will fight for a future our residents can get excited about! This is within our power. But for us to do something, I need you to do something. I need you to vote! I need you to get your friends and neighbors to vote. I ask you to stand with me. Join me. And together we’ll build the State we know we can be!

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